Insurance Plans

We provide consulting, implementation and ongoing operations of various insurance programs that are specific to the needs of our partner student organizations We recognize that Universities and Colleges have a wide range of programs, student demographics, and unique regional characteristics. We work with our partners to build comprehensive programs that take all these needs into consideration.



Student Health & Dental Plans

In order to enhance the Student Health & Dental plans for our clients and the students they serve, we provide customized coverages for the student market, easy access to information, simplified claims processes, wellness tools and value-added partnerships. Each student program is designed to meet the individual clients' needs and can include the following:

  • Direct-Deposit capability for claims & opt-outs

  • Dental Coverage

  • E-Claims Technology

  • Extended Health Coverage

  • Family Coverage

  • Healthcare & Government Programs Integration

  • Select Savings Practitioner Networks

  • Tuition Insurance

  • Wellness Initiatives

  • Vision Coverage



Flexible Benefits Plans

A benefits plan where students can choose the coverage that best suits their situation. When the student's needs change, there is an opportunity that has been responsibly designed for them to choose another option. Gallivan offers the greatest degree of flexibility in plan design. Moreover, our Flex approach provides access to higher coverage while providing cost stability. We know that students' needs can change and that is why we provide the ability for students to change coverage every other year. Our competitors have, thus far, required that when a student chooses a Flex option, they are forced to remain in that flex plan. In our minds, this defeats the objective of providing flexibility for students.​

Travel Coverage

No need to look any further for travel insurance. Our group plans can include comprehensive travel coverage for students who travel abroad for reading or spring break of decide to go away for the summer. Even a quick trip south of border can now be taken without any additional insurance costs.



Optional Insurances

In addition to Extended Health and Dental Coverage, our clients can customize their coverage to meet the needs of their students by including any of the following components:

  • Flexible Insurance Solutions

  • Personal Insurance Solutions

  • Study Abroad Coverage

  • Accident Insurance

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Critical Illness 

  • Tuition Insurance



International Student Plans

We provide coverage solutions that fit the needs of international students that are dependant on the existing policies of the province in which they will be residing. These solutions include daily rate coverage for any waiting period before the international student qualifies for provincial coverage, coverage during travel to and from their country of origin, repatriation coverage, and bridge coverage options for students that qualify to stay beyond their period of study.



Staff Plans

We offer comprehensive group benefit plans to our clients and their staff to help them retain and recruit exceptional individuals while keeping them engaged and healthy at work. Some of the services that we provide on a group basis are:

  • Life

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Extended Health Care

  • Dental Care

  • Disability Coverage

  • Critical Illness

  • EAP

  • Out of Country

  • Health Care Spending Accounts

  • Flexible Benefits

  • Retirement Benefits

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