Benefits Plan Offices

Gallivan is the architect of the on-site Benefit Plan Office (BPO) and was the first provider to undertake this service to achieve a higher standard of care for students. For over ten years, two-thirds of our clients have been operating with a Gallivan on-site service office for the benefit of their students. When students have questions about their benefits, or need clarification, there is no better way for a student to get the help they need than in person. The BPO can give students the support they need, whether it's a question about coverage, filling out a claim form, or arranging a tuition insurance claim, it is a hub of help and information for students.


We developed the BPO service because we recognize that Health and Dental related inquiries and processes can be sensitive and, at times, challenging for students. Furthermore, there is the need for students to address their health in a confidential and professional manner. Students can be left feeling frustrated if they end up dealing with an F.A.Q. sheet to decipher information about their particular need, or a call centre agent who is not familiar with the unique needs of students. Students need a more compassionate approach and a helpful demeanour when they are seeking care.

Benefit Plan Partnerships

Where a turnkey Benefits Plan Office (BPO) does not fit the situation for your student organization, we can offer a services and support program through the Benefits Plan Office Partnership (BPP). The BPP plan is intended to support our client partners in undertaking to deliver this important service to their members by providing knowledge, support and resources. The wealth of knowledge and expertise we have gathered as an organization over the years in delivering this service is something we endeavour to impart to our partners.

This support also includes specific tools that we have developed and refined over the years. The rise in the use of online tools and social media have an impact on this service and we are proud to have kept up with this evolution in our business so we can ensure that our clients are supported well in these areas.